About the Trenbolone steroid and its effects

A Trenbolone steroid is a veterinary grade steroid pellet which is mainly used for enhancing the appetite and muscle bulk in the cattle stock prior to the slaughter where it is manufactured illegally in the injectable form. This converts the 200 mg of the Trenbolone steroid is found in those cattle pellets in the form of injectable solution. The ingredients and the quality of these veterinary grade steroid is erratic and only very few scientific studies are available regarding to this efficacy of the Trenbolone for human use had been conducted because this steroid is not meant for humans. When this steroid is injected in the cattle it increases their muscle growth, efficiency and weight gain have been noted during the testing process. Therefore the athletes and body builders perceive the same effects of the result when used on their body but however the hypocrisy reigns that the side effects are often noted in the animals are not translated into similar side effects on the human. The Trenbolone steroid holds the variety of effects on the body depending on the certain factors like.

side effects

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Exercise regimens
  • Intensity
  • Body composition

The Finaplix cattle pellets are still widely available in the market through veterinary drug suppliers around the world where transforming the cattle pellets into a product for the human use is very tricky business process and it is quite dangerous one because of its transforming method. The Trenbolone does not have some of the estrogenic side effects even though it is not perceived in converting the testosterone into estrogen like other testosterone steroids do and however it can cause the estrogenic side effects.

Dosage information regarding Trenbolone steroid and its uses

The Trenbolone steroid is strong recommended drug only for the veterinary grade and it is not recommended or approved for the human use so the medical safety recommendations are not available. When accessing the body building steroid recommendations regarding the dosage levels for cycles can differ drastically in which one site recommends you to take 100 mg to 300 mg per week for the physical enhancements and some may prescribe you to take the oral injections of dosage 100 mg t 300 mg per day. In general taking the oral injection is relatively safe when compared to the normal dosage levels taken during the cycle.

The trenbolone steroid has broad array of benefits when it is used in the veterinary grade for animals and they will be providing a long term impact on their psychological wellness and health. The use of the Trenbolone steroid contributes to the gynecomastia due to its ability of producing prolactin in the pituitary gland in which the prolactin is a type of the growth hormone as a result of this the Trenbolone steroid influence the cell receptors present in the breast tissue. Some body building forums and the websites recommend using the prolactin antagonists for reducing the aromatase inhibitors or prolactin levels in the body.